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California Condominums

With expensive California Real Estate Prices, condos are a popular commodity in the state of California. When you want a prime location, close to work, down town, and popular attractions you cant beat the convenience of a Condo. Condominums come in different shapes and sizes. They can be high rises, townhouses, apartment conversions, retirement communities, and planned multi use communities. Condos can offer excellent ammenities such as gated communities, excercise centers, swimming pools, community centers, parks, playgrounds, barbeques, and more.

Here are links to a few resources that can help your hunt to find California Condos for sale, listed on the MLS, listed by owner, and foreclosure listings.


Buying a Condo in California

With the fluctuating and sometimes declining real estate market, many wonder if it is a good idea to buy a condominium. Each individual market is different. In some California areas it is still a great investment. In other areas you probably only want to buy if you know you are getting a deal.


How to Find California Condos for Sale online:

There are three main types of condominiums you can find online:

MLS Listings of Condos

The best site for MLS listings that I have found is ZIP Realty. This site not only gives you all townhome and condo listings with pictures, but it also gives you pictures, the option to search by not only the number of bedrooms bathrooms, and square footage, but also foreclosures, short sales, deals, fixer uppers and other types of California Homes for Sale. It also gives you recent sales trends and prices by square footage, average sold prices of similar units, median sales prices, and median listing price for both condos and single family homes. Best of all if you find a unit you like, and end up using a ZIP agent, you actually get cash back when you close. Its not just free to use these agents, you get paid to do such, and it is the most comprehensive real estate search site.

For Sale by Owner Listings

FSBO listings are a little bit harder to find condos on. There is no one site that has all the condo listings. There are several decent sites including,, and also contains fsbo listings.

Foreclosure Listings

In both Northern and Southern California there are loads of foreclosure condos for sale. Foreclosure Condos can be found in several locations. Preforeclosure Units are best found on sites that specialize in preforeclosures like and RealtyTrac.



Most all Foreclosed Condos, HUD Homes, REOs, Bank Owned Homes are acutally found on the MLS. These are easy to find as you can actually sort on the ZIP Realty site by California short sales. Foreclosed Houses are also usually the first ones listed when you sort by price. They are usually the cheapest.

Search for Forclosed condos on the MLS in:


Rental Condominiums

Condominiums also offer excellent rentals. They are great for renters looking for a nice place in a prime location, they are also good as investment properties for landlords who may want to stick onto their condo unit for future profits. Condomiums make easy to manage rental properties as the montlhly HOA (Home Owners Association) fee usually takes care of the grounds, and exterior maintenance. Condo onwers have a lot less to take care of in terms of normal wear and tear and maintenance.

The best online sites to find condos for rent are and Condos .com. Find California Townhouses for Rent Now at


How to Maintain the Quality of Your Double Glazing Windows

A lot of homeowners want to use double glazing windows for their homes not only because the replacement glass windows prices are much lower compared to traditional window materials but also because they can give homeowners a lot of benefits. This material is usually chosen since it can give many benefits for many people. This type of window also has much stronger structure compared to the traditional windows that have wood material and area available on the market today. Replacement double glazing windows have the ability to maintain its quality and shape for a long period of time. However, this type of window should be cleaned and maintain in a regular manner in order to maintain its quality.



In this article, we have listed several tips on how to clean and maintain double glazing windows in the most appropriate and safest manner. While these easy cleaning and maintenance tips can be simply done on your own, it is still best that you hire a professional double glazing contractor if you happen to experience any major problem in your double glazing windows.

1. Perform Maintenance Procedures Regularly

The very first thing that you can do to ensure that the quality of your double glazing window is carefully maintained is to have regular maintenance procedures. It’s highly recommended that you have your windows checked at least two to three times a year in order to check if their condition is good. The best thing to do is to check all the locking points, hinges, as well as some other important things surrounding your double glazing windows.

You can even apply some lubricants, such as WD-40 to ensure that your window is moving smoothly. This product is actually very effective in keeping your hinges and locks to move more easily without having any troubles. While this is an easy remedy to rough locks and hinges, it is still important that you seek the help of professional double glazing window contractors should you experience any problem with your windows. Professional double glazing window companies can even respond to your emergency glass repair Manchester needs in the most efficient and effective manner.  Furthermore,  you should bear in mind the regular maintenance and checkups ensure that your windows are maintained correctly.

2. Regularly Clean All the Frames of Your Double Glazing Windows

In order to avoid any problems that might arise with your double glazing windows, you need to make sure that they are cleaned regularly. Make sure that they are all free from dust, dirt, as well as some other impurities that can be present on their window frames. In addition to that, the frames of your double glazing windows may accumulate some impurities like debris, dead insects, old lubricants as well as some other unpleasant things when they are not regularly cleaned. To thoroughly clean the frames of your double glazing windows, you can use a vacuum cleaner as it can help a lot in eliminating all the possible impurities that have been accumulated on your double glazing window frames. It’s also highly recommended that you clean your double glazing windows at least once to twice a month in order to make sure that everything is clean. In addition to that, these impurities may lead to some serious health problems especially when they’re not immediately removed from your windows.

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