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Being a First Time Buyer

Many California First Time Buyers are interested in buying Condos. Condos are generally more affordable, and are located in areas the young people want to be in. Many first time buyers are used to the apartment lifestyle and dont want to bother maintaining a yard.


Buying with "No Money Down"

Having money to put down is a huge deal for many first time home buyers in California. Right out of college, most home buyers dont have a 20% down payment. Good news, there are special programs, and government backed programs that allow you to purchase a home for the first time with no money down. The California home loan for first time home buyers is also a special program that subsidizes the mortgage. You must have decent credit and employment history to buy with 100% financing.

California First Time Home Buyer Programs

There are several programs designed to help the first time condo buyer in California.

How to Find California Condos for Sale online:

There are three main types of condominiums you can find online:

MLS Listings of Condos

For Sale by Owner Listings

Foreclosure Listings

In both Northern and Southern California there are loads of foreclosure condos for sale. Foreclosure Condos can be found in several locations. Preforeclosure Units are best found on sites that specialize in preforeclosures like and RealtyTrac.


Most all Foreclosed Condos, HUD Homes, REOs, Bank Owned Homes are acutally found on the MLS. These are easy to find as you can actually sort on the ZIP Realty site by short sales. Foreclosed Houses are also usually the first ones listed when you sort by price. They are usually the cheapest.

Search for Forclosed condos on the MLS in:


Buy or Sell your home with ZipRealty, and save $$$
Get paid to buy your So Cal Condo with Zip Realty