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Sell Your California Condo with the help of a REalitor or by Owner

California Condo Selling

Condominiums are some of the easiest properties to sell. They are easy to sell when listed with a Realtor, and are less difficult to sell by owner.

Selling a home can be one of lifes most challenging and frustrating experiences. Different condos are unique, and every buyer has different preferences. Its hard to determine who will be interested in buying your property, what they will be willing to pay for it, and how long it will take for them to find it. When selling a condo in California, you are also usually involved in buying a home, and sometimes relocating to a far away place.

This is a lot for a seller to deal with. The new home purchase is often contingent on selling the old one, and there are about a thousand steps that could go wrong. Having the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent can make a huge difference and can greatly ease this complicated transaction process.

Many condominium owners are hesitant to list with a Realtor because they want to avoid losing their equity by paying a commission. In many cases they choose to sell by owner, but after months of little or no results end up listing with an agent after they move and have no other choice. If you are in no rush to sale, it doesnt hurt to try selling by owner because sometimes homes sell simply because their is a sign, ad on the internet, or classified in the newspaper. Condos are the easiest type of real estate to sell by owner. However, if you are in a rush to sell quickly you should consider professional help. It will mostl likely yield you top dollar.

The fact is, California condominiums homes listed by Realtor’s sell for more money than those sold by owner. Buyers looking for FSBOs are looking for deals, they feel they should be rewarded the Realtors commission for finding the house themselves, and that they can take advantage of an unrerpresented seller. For Sale by Owner buyers will almost always low ball an offer.

Selling your Condo with a Realtor:

Not all Realtors are the same, and not all charge the same commission. Real Estate commissions are negotiable. There are also lots of discount brokers who do as much for you as a full price broker for a fraction of the cost. The real estate world is evolving and there are different ways to get things done. It is always recommended that you interview several agents before choosing one to list your condo. Select one who you feel comfortable talking with, who you can trust, and who has a team or a system to always be contactable. Effective real estate agents are always contactable. Here are a few no obligation resources to help you select the best real estate agent or discount broker.


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Selling a California Condo by Owner:

When selling by owner, it is important that you have an online presence. This is something most California FSBO sellers lack. Here are a few great resources to sell your condo by owner.

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